PraptiHost Specialized In: Dedicated Servers and Web Hosting Services

PraptiHost is a IT company that provides flexible and sustainable internet services for both home and business users. PraptiHost stands for quality, reliability and customer focus and we provide our services to a wide spectrum of customers. We focus in particular on the hosting market in the Europe but have customers all over the world.

Why choose PraptiHost?
Because many Internet service providers makes choosing an ISP for your hosting is not always easy. Why do you prefer one provider over another? More importantly, why would you choose PraptiHost?
When it comes down to doing all ISPs more or less the same - we rent servers and networks and provide related services to our customers. It makes the big difference between the different providers, the quality of customer service.
In PraptiHost we use a number of principles that reflect in our each work. One of our priorities is, to provide high quality products combined with excellent support to our customers.
We believe that our service is friendly, personal and professional and you will experience the same. We do everything to ensure the best possible service which we deliver to them and making our customers appreciate us , so that the continuity and growth of our company is guaranteed.
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